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The quiet lives of twins unfold a magical, silhouetted world.

JAN 10 - 14, 2018


"Like nothing you have seen before"

A "mesmerizing hour of theater, a collision of fired-up imagination and deftly deployed low technology"

"In the nimble hands of Manual Cinema, the story is as precise as it is poetic — and utterly open in its execution."

Edge Media Network

"entirely unique and mesmerizing experience"

"a beautiful and haunting visual symphony"

"the level of originality, craftsmanship and visual artistry on display are breathtaking"


"Ada/Ava is an impressive theatrical feat that finds a new, and invigorating, way of telling a story on stage."

South Shore Critic

"an enthralling experience"

"a fascinating amalgam of high art and modest technology"

"an incredibly original use of visuals to tell a simple story"

The White Rhino Report


"it is the creativity, artistry, and imagination of this troupe, using simple and primitive tools, that allow us to suspend disbelief"

The Theater Mirror

"One of the great pleasures of being a theater reviewer in Boston is getting to see productions that push the boundaries of traditional theater, and nobody serves up such a mind-blowing amalgamation of cool stuff as ArtsEmerson, which continues to amaze with its latest offering, Ava/Ada."

@opietasanimi, Twitter

"Cinematic, lyrical, poignant, psychological. Fantastic."

@y2000k, Twitter

"Once again I'm saying, 'I have never seen something like that before!' Thanks ArtsEmerson"

@khemingway, Twitter

"Whoa. Ada/Ava at Artsemerson is absolute beauty. Catch this masterpiece."

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian August, 2016

“an exquisitely precise piece of visual storytelling”

Mike Wade, The Scottish Times August, 2016

“...a brilliant mix of hi-fi and lo-fi”

Ben Brantley, New York Times Critics’ Pick June, 2015

“. . . this Chicago troupe is conjuring phantasms to die for in an unclassifiable story of spectral beauty…”

Helen Shaw, Critics’ Pick Time Out New York June, 2015

“Manual Cinema is talent incarnate”

MONICA WESTIN, Flavorpill Editor’s Pick

“. . . DIY work that’s anything but rustic and simple.”

TONY ADLER, Chicago Reader

“. . . extraordinary technical sophistication—a rich quadraphonic sound design, cinematic transitions. . . the overall effect is gentle, lovely, fascinating.”