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Gardens Speak

Gardens Speak

Put your ear to the ground. Those who resist are not forgotten.

Lebanese Flag FROM LEBANON
NOV 8 - 19, 2017

Across Syria, many gardens conceal the dead bodies of activists and protesters who took to the streets during the early periods of the uprising against the Ba’athist government in 2011. These domestic burials play out a continuing collaboration between the living and the dead — each providing safety, truth and a voice for each other. In Gardens Speak, Lebanese artist Tania El Khoury carefully reconstructs the oral histories of ten ordinary people and transforms Syrian statistics into universal, human stories via a stunning, full-body interactive experience.

Each narrative has been carefully constructed with the friends and family members of the deceased to retell their stories as they themselves may have recounted it. Gardens Speak was a sold-out experience at The Public’s Under The Radar Festival in New York, so don’t miss this limited engagement!

"A stunning and utterly moving experience that fully exploits the power of theater."
- P. Carl, ArtsEmerson