Torrey Pines

A queer coming-of-age adventure told through stop-motion animation and a live pop-rock band.

FEB 14 - 17, 2018


"A voluptuously visual and auditory experience"

"Torrey Pines is intended to provoke strong gut responses and linger in the heart, all the better to gain some slight sense of what its young protagonist is going through, and it does so by reminding us of a time of turmoil in body and mind that we’ve all experienced."

A "storybook come to life, and accompanied by a four-piece band and a sound-effects artist, Torrey Pines possesses sensory immediacy while summoning memories of puberty, that fabled time when your body and your feelings conspire to mount a sustained, humiliating, and disconcerting freakout."


"Moving and often hilarious"

"For anyone who enjoys imaginative animation, quirky (and painful) storytelling, and great live music."

The Huffington Post

"View this gem the way it was meant to be seen – larger than life and accompanied by a live score!"

City Arts

"I’ve never seen the horror of being misgendered captured on film so evocatively as in Torrey Pines”


"Tender and fantastical, Torrey Pines delves into difficult memories and transforms them into something relatable."

The Stranger

"A masterful use of incredibly simple and friendly materials (which is politically important), paper cutouts and Post-Its, symbols and icons, a visual shorthand that becomes open but never, never loses its distinctive self."

Seattle Weekly

"Executed with a healthy heap of wit and psychedelia...[it's] a deftly crafted entry in the small cinematic lineage of 'ambient' films. "