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A love letter to black culture, soccer and the beautiful rhythms of life.

MAY 1 - 5, 2019

Critical Praise

“As bad as things get, Mr. Joseph wants to find joy and beauty in the world. When an ecstatic howl of “Gooooooooal!” suddenly resonates in the theater, as passionate as a gospel cry, you may find yourself agreeing with him.”

“Life is soccer and soccer is life.”
- New York Times
“They are all experienced, multi-talented individuals, much needed and appreciated in today’s divisive milieu.”
- Art Times Journal
“It’s a whole song composed of nothing but the struggling human breath.”
- San Franicsco Chronicle
“They pour their sweat into it, playing on double meanings of ‘goal’, ‘pass’ and ‘run’, offering a collage of scenes personal and political.”
- The Chicago Stage Standard