Mar 06, 2015


Hallelujah The Hills is an American indie rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. They have been praised by Pitchfork for "vivid lyrics," and "fist-pumping anthems." Their debut received a 3 1Z2 star from Rolling Stone while Spin Magazine hailed them as "criminally underappreciated." Their most recent album, Have You Ever Done Something Evil?, won two Boston Music Awards as well as making dozens of year-end "Best Of" list. They have toured the country on their own as well as with The Silver Jews and Titus Andronicus. Chevy Chase once interrupted one of their performances. They have promised to release 33 albums before ending the band.


"Do You Have Romantic Courage?"


The New Highway Hymnal are a four piece rock band from Haverhill, MA. Vice Magazine described their sound as, "guitars that roil and swarm like a kicked hornet's nest" and Spin labeled the foursome as a band to watch in December 2014: "They pack high-energy percussion, shoegazey textures, and plenty of wails into their compact tracks. If these are what hymns sound like today, then for god's sake, get thee to a church." Their album Reverb Room is out now on Vanya Records.


"The New Highway Hymnal | Isolation"




  • Location: Jackie Liebergott Black Box in Emerson/Paramount Center 
  • Featured Performances: Hallelujah The Hills, New Highway Hymnal, Marissa Nadler, Damon & Naomi and Glenn Jones
  • Ticket Prices: $10 advance - $12 door 
  • Doors: Open at 9 PM