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“Over the past century, Bostonians have seen many opera companies come and go, leaving artists and audience goers alike wondering “is Boston really an opera city?” We’ve seen small and large opera companies and organizations fall due to slow fund-raising in a down economy, budget cuts, and lack of appropriate venue spaces. Those of us in the arts community know that there is a presence of opera in this city. We know that Boston is a city with a thriving arts scene, and electrical musical talent.

The bigger question circulating in the opera community these days is how to reach an audience that has developed a mindset that opera is not their cup of tea. For some, opera is intimidating and too grand. Sitting in a 4 hour opera, in a language one might not recognize seems to place the art form just out of reach for some. But all the reasons one chooses not to attend an opera, should be the exact reasons one actually uses to attend! Opera grants audiences a unique opportunity to immerse themselves into a different culture and period of time. It gives one an opportunity to be exposed to different languages and dialects and to witness storytelling strictly told through song and dramatic characterization. Companies and organizations across the world are constantly finding ways to take classic traditional opera, and adding a contemporary modern spin, making opera more accessible and relatable. It can be, simply put, one of the most engaging experiences you can find inside a theatre."

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Leadership“ArtsEmerson puts the world on stage and screen to help us understand our world, celebrate our place in it, and explore how we each can contribute to its transformation. We are passionately committed to delivering exceptional experiences for our audiences and operate from the belief that the arts belong to everyone. As we enter our 2016/17 Season, we invite you to come with us to places you have not been and share experiences you could not anticipate but will never forget. And, if you are so inclined, to engage with a room full of fellow travelers (who are your neighbors) to sort it all out. Let us begin to rediscover our community through the shared experience of art and conversation.”

– ArtsEmerson Leadership Team