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2024/25 SEASON

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The World Comes to Boston

Sep 20—21, 2024

Fight Night

Sep 26—29, 2024

In the Same Tongue

Oct 05, 2024

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Christopher Rivas Instagram Takeoever
Christopher Rivas Instagram Takeoever
Check out the highlights from Christopher Rivas' takeover of our Instagram account ahead of his opening performance of Rough Magic in July 2024!
What 24/25 Season shows will YOU choose?
What 24/25 Season shows will YOU choose?
Packages available now! Get the best seats at the best prices at ArtsEmerson.org
On the Eve of Abolition — OCT 31—NOV 03, 2024
On the Eve of Abolition — OCT 31—NOV 03, 2024
A radical imaginary sci-fi story set in 2047 about survival, struggle and the people's liberation movement that made abolition possible.
In this bilingual, multimedia masterpiece, puppets, video projection, and miniature sets collide to transport audiences to a future where prison abolitionists have created the conditions to end the prison industrial complex in the liberated lands formerly known as the U.S. and Mexico.
Set in 2047, this performance imagines abolition camps, formerly incarcerated people, families, and organizers working together in a fight to end all prisons, all rooted in the realities of modern-day United States and Puerto Rico.
Developed and performed by the visionary artists of Papel Machete, this project centers on community engagement with abolitionist organizations and currently and formerly incarcerated people and their families in an effort to create a vision of an abolitionist future. On the Eve of Abolition offers...
Starring Jerry As Himself post-screening discussion
Starring Jerry As Himself post-screening discussion
Q&A with the Starring Jerry as Himself filmmakers following the screening at the Museum of Science, featuring Law Chen, Director, Jonathan Hsu, Executive Producer, and Stephanie Chen, Moderator; Director of Community Partnerships, NAAAP Boston.
The ArtsEmerson 2024/25 Season is HERE!
The ArtsEmerson 2024/25 Season is HERE!
Get a package today for the best seats and the lowest price! Learn more by going to ArtsEmerson.org
Fight Night — SEP 20—21, 2024
Fight Night — SEP 20—21, 2024
Five contenders. Five rounds. Your Vote.
The show begins with five candidates on stage. At the end of the show, only one will be victorious.
Through a series of guided prompts and questions, Ontroerend Goed’s Fight Night takes you— the audience—on a journey to choose the best candidate. As each round progresses, the audience learns more information about each candidate that will inform their vote. Random checks, voting signposts, coalitions, campaigns, debates, consultants, exit polls, spin doctors, opinion gauges, list pushers, and referendums will inform your vote. The host will do anything to derail the candidates’ best intentions.. Will the audience choose someone who represents their views? Or will they choose the opposite?
With a mix of humor and sharp political commentary, Fight Night is full of twists and turns that will have audiences rethinking how – and why – they vote....
Life & Times of Michael K — JAN 27—FEB 02, 2025
Life & Times of Michael K — JAN 27—FEB 02, 2025
The Booker Prize-winning Life & Times of Michael K, written by J.M Coetzee, is a stunning novel depicting the arduous personal struggles that accompanies from intense political conflict. South Africa’s Baxter Theater and Handspring Puppet Company’s inventive, poignant adaptation of this seminal book has won plaudits across Europe in New York, and now it’s coming to Boston
The hauntingly beautiful story follows Michael K, a simple man who embarks on a journey through South Africa, ravaged by civil war, to return his mother to die on the farm where she was born. He finds strength in his own humanity, his profound connection to the earth, and his unique path, which, as it unfolds, reveals to him his reason for living.
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It's a Motherf**king Pleasure — MAR 31 — APR 13, 2025
It's a Motherf**king Pleasure  — MAR 31 — APR 13, 2025
Usually disabled people want to do the right thing. But what if they don't?
​What if they were out to make as much money as possible from the guilt of non-disabled, anxious people (like you)?
Hot off the back of their smash-hit Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Soho Theatre NY runs, multi award-winning, disability-led theatre company FlawBored presents a scathing satire on the monetization of identity politics that spares no one and literally has audiences catching their breath between fits of laughter.
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