“Artists show us the way. Over and over they deliver works of imagination, beauty, and courage that inspire us to keep striving, keep an open heart, keep an open mind, keep hope alive.”


As Boston’s leading presenter of contemporary world theater, ArtsEmerson circles the globe to select creative works that challenge and inspire, dazzle and provoke. We believe in celebrating differences, reflecting the vital diversity of our city, and deepening our connection to each other.




ArtsEmerson is Emerson College’s professional presenting and producing organization. As part of an institution that believes in fostering creativity, passion, excellence, and inclusivity, we are using art to bring the world to Boston, and to bring Boston together.

Founded With a Purpose

ArtsEmerson’s mission is to engage all communities through stories that reveal and deepen our connection to each other. By cultivating diversity in the art and in the audience, we ignite public conversation around our most vexing societal challenges as a catalyst for overcoming them.

Core Values

These principles guide us as we make decisions about how to use resources, develop programs, plan seasons, and interact with audiences, artists, and one another:


Invest in building strong relationships

Our work together is massively interdependent. Through meaningful, equitable, and reciprocal relationships we can break down barriers and strengthen the collective social fabric.


Celebrate diversity in all its forms

Embracing a vibrant mix of ideas, cultures, and people is integral to everything we do. As people connect—through art, conversation, and relationships—humanity and possibility expand.


Be effective and efficient stewards of resources

We’re fortunate to have incredible facilities, expertise, and the support of Emerson College. It’s our job to deploy resources wisely on behalf of the College, students, artists, and audiences.


Model respect, integrity, civility and transparency

To achieve our goals, we need to walk the walk in all our interactions: with each other and our artists, audiences, students, and neighbors.


Balance our social conscience and dedication to artistic excellence

We believe exceptional art has special superpowers that enable it to use beauty and courage to fight for justice, inspire without preaching, and open hearts and minds.

Find Out the Latest

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