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Play Reading Book Club


Whether you love plays or have never stepped foot in a theater, you should check this out. The idea is to take a play outside the four walls of a theater and provide unique and radical access to the script, artists, and conversations about it. A big bonus: you get to meet new people and expand your social and cultural networks—all for free.

Over the course of several weeks, participants explore the play from multiple angles. Trained teaching artists from the Emerson College Masters in Theatre Education program facilitate and work with the group. Participants:

  • Do a deep dive into a play via group readings, facilitated discussions, and access to resources that interpret the context.
  • Meet new people and increase social connectedness while having meaningful conversations.
  • Obtain tools and resources to help navigate the process of attending the theater.
  • Go see the play together with a whole new level of understanding and appreciation.

“We realized that people are always looking for ways to connect and engage in conversations that expand what they know about themselves and each other.”

— Akiba Abaka, Creative Producer at ArtsEmerson

“What was totally thrilling about the Roxbury PRBC group was the diversity of experiences and perspective.”

— PRBC Participant

“The way that individuals were sharing knowledge and speaking to each other…it encourages people to explore art as a community.”

— PRBC Participant

“The time ArtsEmerson invests in community education is not only important, but respectful.”

— ArtsEmerson Supporter

Thank you to our 21/22 PRBC Reception Sponsor: Moxy

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