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Mar 08—12, 2023

CointelshowA Patriot Act

Mondo Bizarro / New Orleans, USA

“Bogad’s hilarious satire teaches us about the gruesome details of COINTELPRO, and connects them to our post-9/11 security state, without preaching, spoon-feeding, or boring the audience.”

— Jason Grote, Writer

Welcome to the history of Americans spying on Americans

COINTELSHOW : A PATRIOT ACT is L.M. Bogad’s biting political satire about COINTELPRO, the FBI’s counterintelligence program with which they sabotaged, disrupted, and repressed domestic groups like the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, the American Indian Movement, along with individuals like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Fred Hampton. Over the course of an hour, this interactive, virtual experience takes audiences under the redaction marks of actual, heavily-censored COINTELPRO documents into an underworld haunted by its victims.

Join Special Agent Christian White on a cheerfully creepy, and often grimly funny, tour of the FBI’s notorious COunterINTELligence PROgram.



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Mar 08, 2023 - Mar 12, 2023

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Please note: We understand that certain types of content could trigger past traumatic experiences for some viewers. Please be aware that this production contains a brief depiction of graphic images. || Strobe lighting will be used during this performance.

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