Past Event

May 10—15, 2011


“A clever refraction of Shakespeare’s themes and a distinct drama in its own right…There are moments when location and content come together so powerfully that your eyes moisten and your heart lurches.”

— The Guardian

Susurrus is a play without actors and without a stage.

It is part radio play, part recital, part lesson in bird dissection, and part stroll in the park. Audiences follow a map around Boston’s Public Garden as they listen to the piece on headphones; the different elements form a “perfect melding of location and text to create a theater experience in which there are no actors and only one member in the audience: you.” (The Guardian)

The listener hears snippets about opera, memorial benches, and botany, which fit together into a mournful and poignant story of love and loss that is “a sensual reinterpretation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with a contemporary edge.” (The List) Susurrus (pronounced sus-YOO-rus, it refers to the rustling sound of wind in trees), is written and directed by David Leddy, a “theatrical maverick” with a “propensity for fearless experiment” (Financial Times) who is “Scotland’s hottest, edgiest young playwright.” (Sunday Times)



A Stroll Through Boston's Public Garden
Boston, MA 02116


May 10, 2011 - May 15, 2011


1 hour 20 minutes

Ages 16+

Content Warning: sexual situations described