May 01—18, 2025

Utopian Hotline

Presented by ArtsEmerson & Museum of Science, Produced in association with Octopus Theatricals / from USA

“An understated yet engrossing… musical on a variety of scientific mysteries”

— The New Yorker

Speak your message into the future with Theater Mitu’s revolutionary experimental performance.

Step into the cosmic conversation with Theater Mitu’s latest creation. Inspired by the 1977 NASA Voyager mission, which launched a vinyl recording of natural sounds found on Earth into space, as well as the uncertainty and isolations surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, this experimental performance begs the question: if we were to send another message into the  distant future, what message would we send?

Part vinyl recording and part live performance, Utopian Hotline uses real voicemails left on a public hotline and to create a moment of community, while inviting audience members around a communal table to re-imagine our shared future.

This collaborative performance, done in partnership with SETI Institute, Arizona State University’s Interplanetary Initiative, and Brooklyn Independent Middle School, is a call for audiences to join together and leave an offering of hope for mankind’s future.



Museum of Science, Planetarium
1 Museum Of Science Driveway, Boston, MA 02114


May 01, 2025 - May 18, 2025


Utopian Hotline is not available as part of a Season Package. Single tickets will go on sale later this summer.


45 minutes (no intermission)

Ages 5+

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