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Apr 21—24, 2016

Historia de Amor


“If Alfred Hitchcock turned a graphic novel into live theater… INGENIOUS … AN EXTRAORDINARY MERGER OF CINEMATIC AND THEATRICAL ART. Uncommonly arresting. Doesn’t just borrow film and animation elements, it absorbs them into live performance to create an entirely new form. A LITERAL LIVING GRAPHIC NOVEL. As jaw-dropping, hard-to-shake an example of New Theater virtuosity as anything L.A. has seen… Historia de Amor isn’t easy in its message or story, but JUST TRY TO LOOK AWAY .”

The Los Angeles Times

A mind bending fusion of theatre and cinema will transport you into a living graphic novel.

With the grit and imagery of a graphic novel comes an overwhelming story that destroys the boundaries between domination and submission. Rising out of the aftermath of a generation’s ferocious domination by Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, and set against a dark and troubling story by the controversial French novelist Regis Jauffret, Historia de Amor is an unflinching journey inside the mind of man determined to possess a young woman he happens to meet on a subway. Chile’s renowned TEATROCINEMA combines live action with startling 2D and 3D animation to deliver a wallop on the subject of sexual predation and societal fragmentation. In Historia de Amor, one man’s twisted love story is one woman’s worst nightmare.



Emerson Cutler Majestic Theatre
219 Tremont Street Boston, MA 02116


Apr 21, 2016 - Apr 24, 2016


1 hour 40 mins; no intermission

Tickets from $20

Ages 18+: Rape and additional forms of violence

Performed in Spanish with English surtitles.

Content Advisory: This production is rated MA for Mature Audiences. It contains graphic depictions of sexual violence, stalking, physical and verbal abuse. Resources for support are available at


Performed in Spanish with English surtitles


Presented By:


The language of TEATROCINEMA is characterized by the use of digital backgrounds and compositions, 2D and 3D video footage, and animation.  When merged with the traditional elements of staging, an audience is able to experience wholly the poetics of the imagery. Together, the dramatic force displayed on stage, the live performances and the incorporation of applied technology makes it possible for audiences to instantaneously travel in space and time.

Based on the novel by:

Régis Jauffret

Directed by:

Juan Carlos Zagal

Performed by:

Julián Marras and Bernardita Montero

Live music by:

Juan Carlos Zagal

Sponsored By:
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“grimly compelling”

“A skillfully executed, even groundbreaking, fusion of live performance, animation, video, and music”

The Boston Globe

“Daring and unsparing…brilliant…unrelenting in its darkness”


“A new theatrical technique that seamlessly combines film and animation with live acting.”

“Employs groundbreaking techniques to integrate live actors into film and animation, with stunning results.”

“Beautiful to behold, even if the story that unfolds on stage is, again, quite ugly.”

“The resulting haunting images will stay with you”

On Stage Boston

“the show magnifies its unsettling feel with a striking visual look that needs no translation”

The Boston Globe - Preview

“If Alfred Hitchcock turned a graphic novel into live theater… INGENIOUS … AN EXTRAORDINARY MERGER OF CINEMATIC AND THEATRICAL ART.”

LA Times

“Imagine being transported onto the pages of a gritty, noir-esque, black-and-white graphic novel. The Chilean ensemble Teatrocinema closely replicates that experience, bringing its provocative, digital mash-up of live art and cinematic storytelling.”

LA Times Preview

“Su gran complejidad técnica, la oscuridad del tema tratado y cómo se desarrolla, sumados a la experimentación con las convenciones y los límites del teatro, hacen de ésta una obra provocadora. (Its great technical complexity, the darkness of the subject treated and how it develops, together with the experimentation with the boundaries of theater, make this a provocative work.)”

“Juan Carlos Zagall cultiva un estilo que mixtura técnicas del cine y del cómic con el teatro, con resultados asombrosos para la audiencia. (Juan Carlos Zagall cultivates a style that mixes cinematographic techniques with comic and theatre, bringing an amazing result to the audience.)”

“’Historia de Amor’, como tal se vuelve imprescindible de ver ya que es una experiencia inédita, única en nuestro medio y en el mundo. (‘Historia de Amor’ is a must-see; it is unique in theatre universe and in the world.)”

Santi Teatro y Danza

“Un cómic donde el juego de la imagen tiene un rol central bajo la historia de un amor obsesivo y escalofriante. (This is a real-life comic, where images play a central role in a obsessive and sick love story.)”

“Se trata de un mundo nuevo, inexplorado en el teatro nacional, donde una vez más TEATROCINEMA encabeza la vanguardia a la hora de presentar nuevos montajes. (This is a new world, one that has remained unexplored in the national theatre–and once again TEATROCINEMA leads in the forefront of vanguard by presenting this new project.)”

Diario UChile

“Resulta valiosa la inserción en el cómic en una producción técnicamente impecable que logra una gran dinámica, ritmo y vértigo en el desarrollo de las escenas y de las imágenes construidas. (The use of the comic results valuable in this technically flawless production that achieves a dynamic, rhythmic, and dizzy development of scenes and images.)”

La Nación

“No es como todas las historias de amor. Acá se explora el lado oscuro (This is not like any other love story you’ve ever seen. This story explores the dark side of love.)”

“Es la oportunidad para ver el nacimiento de un nuevo formato sobre las tablas: el teatro cómic. (This is the opportunity to see the birth of a new format of theatre: comic theatre.)”

Paula Magazine