Jan 23—28, 2024

Moby Dick

Plexus Polaire / From Norway

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“A stunning work of art”

— The New York Times

The classic story told anew in this radiant visual feast

Herman Melville’s immeasurably influential novel is brought to life in this radiant stage production featuring seven actors, fifty puppets, video projections, a drowned orchestra and a life-sized whale. Renowned director Yngvild Aspeli stages this eye-popping visual adaptation of Melville’s classic book with the help of the endlessly inventive Norwegian theater company, Plexus Polaire.

Moby Dick is, on its surface, the simple tale of a whaling expedition, but the story’s haunting themes of unparalleled obsession lead us all to question the unexplained mysteries of life and of the human heart. In this groundbreaking production, the classic is reborn with a freshness and urgency that makes it truly unforgettable.



Emerson Paramount Center
Robert J. Orchard Stage
559 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111


Jan 23, 2024 - Jan 28, 2024


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1 hour 25 minutes

Ages 14+

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Sun, Jan 28 2:00 pm



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Directed by

Yngvild Aspeli

Assistant director (on tour)

Benoît Seguin

Assistant director (creation)

Pierre Tual

Inspired by

Herman Melville's novel

Actors and puppeteers

Pierre Devérines, Sarah Lascar, Daniel Collados, Alice Chéné, Viktor Lukawski, Maja Kunsic and Andreu Martinez Costa.

Alternating with

Alexandre Pallu, Madeleine Barosen Herholdt, Yann Claudel, Olmo Hidalgo, Cristina Iosif, Scott Koehler, Laëtitia Labre.


Guro Skumsnes Moe, Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen and Havard Skaset

Puppet makers

Polina Borisova, Yngvild Aspeli, Manon Dublanc, Sébastien Puech, Elise Nicod


Elisabeth Holager Lund

Light Designer

Xavier Lescat and Vincent Loubière

Video Designer

David Lejard-Ruffet

Costume Designer

Benjamin Moreau

Light Technicians

Vincent Loubière or Morgane Rousseau

Video Technicians

Hugo Masson, Pierre Hubert or Emilie Delforce

Sound Technicians

Raphaël Barani, Simon Masson or Damien Ory

Stage Technicians

Benjamin Dupuis, Xavier Lescat or Margot Boche


Pauline Thimonnier

Production Director and Tour Booking

Claire Costa


Anne-Laure Doucet and Gaedig Bonabesse


Noémie Jorez


Yngvild Aspeli

Artistic director of Plexus Polaire, Yngvild Aspeli, develops a visual world that brings our most buried feelings to life. The use of life-sized puppets is at the center of her work, but the actor’s performance, the presence of the music and the use of light and video are all equal elements in communicating the story. Director, actress, puppeteer and puppet-maker, Yngvild Aspeli studied at Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris (2003-2005) and at ESNAM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts de la Marionnette) in Charleville-Mézières (2005-2008). Within her French-Norwegian company Plexus Polaire, she has directed six shows: Signals (2011), Opera Opaque (2013), Ashes (2014), Chambre noire (2017), Moby Dick (2020) and Dracula (2022). She is currently working on an adaptation of A Doll’s House that will premiere in Autumn 2023.


“A creation of great poetic power, melancholic, visually stunning”


“A stunning work of art”

— The New York Times

“Yngvild Aspeli’s work is magnificent. The atmosphere created by the lights, video and music is magical. The voice of the actors brings out beautiful passages from Melville’s text, the puppets bring the boat, the crew, the world of the depths to life. They are splendid, disturbing, foolish and bearers of death like Ahab.”