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January 28, 2011 | Theatre,

TIP #5: So, You Want to Join the Circus?!

by Heidi Nelson

TIP # 5: Be loud and proud!
Mime Olivier TaquinThere’s a common stereotype that circus folks are mysterious. Whether that association arose because it’s hard to get to know a traveling troupe, because performers in sideshows (that are no longer popular) wanted their privacy when not on display, or simply because the impressive feats of circus performers inspire wonder and awe, circus artists have a reputation for being exclusive. But if you pick up a recent book or article on the circus, you’ll discover that the opposite is true. Or check out the PBS series “Circus,” which showed"Circus" on PBS the behind-the-scenes world of the Big Apple Circus. Plenty of authors, reporters, interviewers, and documentary-makers have found circus artists more than happy to talk about their trade, tricks, training, families, and lifestyles. Some groups, like the Fearless Flores, will even offer to teach you a thing or two. The philosophy of our friends at Simply Circus is that circus arts can be fun for anyone. And while we all love the glitter and the magic, it’s good to remember that the people underneath it all are just like you and me…with a few extra talents up their sleeves!

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