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September 14, 2012 | Theatre,

Listen to our PARIS COMMUNE podcast!

Ben Walsh is the Associate Box Office Manager for ArtsEmerson and all-around appreciator of the performing arts.  Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Ben is proud to have been in Boston with ArtsEmerson since its first season and looks forward to continuing his growth as an upcoming arts management professional with this awesome company.  Expect to see blog, facebook and twitter posts from Ben in the Box Office, and feel free to get in contact with him for all your ticketing needs!

People of Boston!

As excitement for our third season ramps up, I wanted to share with everyone an awesome privilege bestowed upon me last week. This summer in a staff meeting, I expressed a particular interest in the subject matter treated in our first show, the world premiere of The Civilians’ Paris Commune. I may or may not have described the Paris Commune as “one of the sexiest events in all of history.”  I may or may not stand by that assessment. Regardless, my knowledge of the Commune and the events surrounding it were primarily of a political nature, and even with only that knowledge, I could talk for hours about the importance of this occurrence and what it meant for 19th, 20th and 21st century politics (don’t worry… I won’t).

The privilege I alluded to was a chance to participate in a talk mediated by David Dower, our new Director of Artistic Programs, and featuring Steve Cosson, Artistic Director of The Civilians and director of Paris Commune. Steve talks about his own research surrounding the Commune and the awesome piece of theater that it precipitated.  Without giving too much away, this talk only deepened my appreciation for the event and illuminated an entire aspect of the Commune to which I was relatively ignorant.  That aspect is how important the role of art and specifically popular music played into the events of 1871. Think rock’n’roll revolution before the rock’n’roll revolution (pretty sexy, right?). Without spoiling too many of Steve’s incredible insights beforehand, allow me to wrap this up:

I hope you enjoy the premiere of our new podcast series, and hope to see all of you at this (forgive me) REVOLUTIONARY first show!

Your comrade in arts,
Ben in the Box Office

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