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August 20, 2018 | Theatre,

2018/19 Season Packages Are On Sale Now!


“Innovative and challenging productions have made ArtsEmerson…an indispensable force on the performing arts landscape” – The Boston Globe

We hope you are enjoying the final weeks of summer! The 2018/19 ArtsEmerson Season—our ninth—will begin in just a month’s time. We are so proud to share this lineup of artists that will deliver another year of bold ideas, big laughs, staggering beauty and courageous conversations. There’s never been a better time to plan your time with us for this in advance with a bundle of productions; Packages consist of 4 shows or more and start at just $70!

Need some ideas for how to start building your package? Check out our suggestions for which shows might hit the bullseye of your particular interests and passions:


Shakespeare From Different Perspectives

We have three shows related to the man who is regularly called one of the greatest writers in the English language, but this is not your typical Shakespeare fare. The first imagines the life of the author’s only son (Hamnet), another unpacks an actor’s experience and struggles while performing Shakespeare’s words in the present day (American Moor), and one of his rarer plays, Measure for Measure, seen through the lens of modern Russia that’s received an avalanche of rave reviews in the U.S. and abroad.


Humanize The Headlines

Here’s three shows that take today’s pressing social issues and turn them into incredibly moving pieces of art. From injustice in the justice system, the struggles of undocumented Americans, to widespread racial inequality—these are the all too familiar concerns of The Peculiar PatriotWET: A DACAmented Journey, and /peh-LO-tah/. Dive deeper than the editorial pages and knee-jerk reactions from the social media world with these powerful productions that will humanize the headlines.


Bodies In Motion

Want to focus on shows that celebrate the poetry of the human form? Check out these brilliant four productions, all of which feature a breathtaking component of dance and/or choreography from different corners of the world: /peh-LO-tah/ (New York), See You Yesterday (Cambodia), When Angels Fall (France), and To The Source (Poland).


Multimedia Wonders

Do you love when stage productions are elevated and transformed by the marvels of modern technology? We’ll continue to support multimedia art on stage in 2018/19! In Hamnet, the entire wall behind the young performer is a video screen projecting an image of the actor’s back and the audience onto the wall. But just when you think you’ve figured out the visual trick, your eyes will make you question your understanding what exactly is going on. Meanwhile, the wunderkinds behind Ada/Ava are back with The End of TV, wherein they push the boundaries of their signature theatrical storytelling tools inlcuding live-action silhouettes, video feeds, and overhead projectors. Lastly, you’ll be blown away by /peh-LO-tah/, a multi-disciplinary dance performance set to sounds of hip hop and samba that celebrates the joy of soccer, all aided by a flurry of projections flying by behind the performers.


2018/19 Packages are on sale now.

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