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January 22, 2011 | Theatre,

TIP #1: So, You Want to Join the Circus?!

by Heidi Nelson

TIP # 1: Get ready for HARD WORK!
Though they wear glamorous costumes and perform magical and often death-defying acts, circus performers are some of the most down to earth and hardest working people Flyer Anna Gosudareva (Photo Credit: Robert Hanna)you could meet. Whether perfecting the flying trapeze, a slapstick clown act, or a trained animal routine, circus performers expend tons of energy during rehearsals and performances. Not only acrobats, but also clowns must be in excellent shape for all the running around, tumbling, and even dancing required of


them in the ring. When they’re not practicing physically rigorous routines, circus artists might be repairing their props and costumes, exercising their animals, choreographing new acts, raising their families—some even help the circus technicians when there’s an emergency. There’s plenty to do outside of the ring.

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