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January 26, 2011 | Theatre,

Keeping Up With The Kennedys

A Timeline by Alyssa Mulligan

September 6, 1888: Joseph Patrick Kennedy is born in Boston to local politician Patrick Joseph Kennedy and his wife Mary Augusta Hickey

July 22, 1890: Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald is born in Boston to local politician John F. Fitzgerald and Mary Josephine Hannon.

1908: Joe Kennedy graduates from Boston Latin School and enters Harvard College as a member of the class of 1912.

June, 1910: Rose Fitzgerald graduates from Manhattanville Sacred Heart School in New York.

Joe Kennedy & Rose Fitzgerald wedOctober 7, 1914: Joe Kennedy marries Rose Fitzgerald. They settle in Brookline, MA, and start their family.

July 25, 1915: Joe and Rose Kennedy’s first-born, Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr., known as Joe Jr., is born.

May 29, 1917: John Fitzgerald Kennedy (Jack) is born

September 13, 1918: Daughter Rosemary is born. Within her first year, it is apparent that she has serious learning disabilities.

February, 1920: Kathleen Kennedy, known as Kick, is born. Jack, not yet three years old, nearly dies of scarlet fever.

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