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September 19, 2012 | Theatre,

Research Trip: A Photo Essay

 ArtsEmerson Staff Assistant Stefan Martin and Civilians’ intern and Paris Commune Assistant Director Adam Odsess-Rubin were up to an unusual task this month. Paris Commune, premiering at the Paramount Center Mainstage on September 20th, needed some additional research material. Join these two investigative-theatricians in their search for some images to use in the show…

The first Stage: Emerson College Library. Found some period french cartoons.


The next step was Harvard’s Special collections library. But first, a letter was required from Emerson’s librarian to confirm the necessity of these precious gems.

At Harvard’s main library, it is required in order to get a picture ID to access their exclusive facilities.


We were then directed to the Houghton Special Collections Library. Inside the illustrious building we were instructed to place all items that were not laptops or a pencil and paper inside lockers. Once we gained access into the research room, specialists assisted us in our search and pull the photos we needed.

We were required to view the books on top of large foam book-holders to retain their delicate binding. Each photo had to be individually sought out by a specialist and our request was processed in about a half hour.

After a good five hours of Communard investigation we found what we needed.

Truly a unique experience, thank you Civilians!


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