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November 8, 2012 | What Did You Think?,

What did you think of TALES FROM OVID?

Did you enjoy the retelling of classic myths using a pared-down aesthetic? Let us know what you thought about Ted Hughes’ Tales From Ovid by commenting here.

7 responses to “What did you think of TALES FROM OVID?”

  1. Marilyn Bernstein says:

    I like everything that Whistler In The Dark does–at least soo far,

  2. Shirley Lowe says:

    We thoroughly enjoyed TALES FROM OVID last Friday night. The storytelling was magnificent and the actors were not only artistic, but athletic!! I especially liked the use of the ‘ropes’ for Arachne and for the sisters turned into birds. Thank you for the wonderful performance of these classic stories!

  3. Ron Mallis says:

    While some of the work with the silks was interesting, the evening was deadening: the performers simply don’t have the vocal chops to pull off something like this. Everything and everyone, particularly the women, sounded exactly the same throughout, and eventuly even the silk-work became repetitive. The opening moments — a kind of parody of “actorly exercises” — foretold what was to come, and not in a good way.

  4. Jeanne McKnight says:

    My comments are colored by being a long-time attender of Whistler-in-the-Dark productions, and I’m so happy to see this creative company go from the Boston equivalent of off-Broadway to Broadway with Tales from Ovid at Emerson/Paramount. I agree with the Community Newspaper reviews that this performance was “a modern masterpiece.” I have always felt that Aimee Rose has a powerful voice and she used it well in this production, and all of the actors’ used their bodies amazingly well to express the action and emotion of this performance.

  5. Jaylyn says:

    Fabulous cast — amazing combination physical ability and speaking/singing/music making. My only complaint is that there were a couple of tales too many and some gratuitous acrobatic work. When the use of the drapes worked, it was magical; when it wasn’t needed, it was distracting. The young woman with the violin was a genius. The staging was excellent. Overall a very good show.

  6. Rosamond P. Zimmermann says:

    Beautiful. Moving. Has the clarity and fluidity of Hughes’ translation.
    I think this should have had a longer run. Kudos.

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