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October 2, 2014 | What Did You Think?,

What did you think of Traces?

Thank you for attending 7 Fingers’ production of Traces! We are so pleased to have 7 Fingers back in Boston and want to hear your thoughts.

TRACES, Chinese Poles © Marion Bellin

Have you seen 7 Fingers before?

Are you a fan of circus?

Have you ever heard acrobats talk on stage?

Which act is sticking out to you most?



20 responses to “What did you think of Traces?”

  1. Francisca Morant says:

    The show was fabulous. Perfect!

  2. Timothy O'Donnell says:

    Wow and wow again. I was lucky enough to see both PSY and Sequence 8 so I was ready to go for Traces. They did not disappoint- just the opposite. They are not just amazingly talented in terms of their acrobatic skills, but genuinely pleasurable to see because of their theatrical skills as well. The lighting and tech people were equally astonishing. I loved the use of basic props (chairs, a couch, a mattress, a basketball, etc.) and how the lighting folks designed the silhouettes, the strobe and everything else. Just astonishing on every level of the production. The choice and uses of music were wonderful and perfect. The choice of “It’s Only a Paper Moon” was genius. A very class act (as were PSY and Sequence 8). I have seen Cirque du Soleil several times as well, and while I appreciate their skills, etc. I get a bit bored by all the Las Vegas glitter and Bling. I also hate the music they use. I loved the music here. I can’t praise Les 7 Doigts enough or come up with sufficient words to describe how astonishing, playful, delightful and funny they are. They are unique and a total delight. Wonderful in every possible way…

  3. christine hauray-gilbert says:

    Great show. Those people are so talented. It was creative and enormously entertaining.

  4. Temi Ogunbodede says:

    I love, love, love 7 fingers production of Traces. It was an amazing show!!!

  5. Reme Gold says:

    I love 7 fingers . . . I saw PSY, and Sequence 8, and saw “Traces” last night . . . I loved them all . . .they are extraordinary!! Please bring them back to Boston. (PSY was my favorite . . . )

  6. barbara lewis says:

    it was thrilling to see the seven performers from different parts of the globe coming together as they dared more and piled their hurdles higher and higher. each challenge was met with grace and strength, and i began to see the heights, hoops, and hurdles symbolically. they were winning against the odds and sharing the victory with us, and i was very grateful to be in the same space and time with them.

  7. Janet Morrison says:

    About TRACES:
    What a wonderful evening of thrillingly
    skillful and daring performance! The company
    is amazing! And Arts Emerson produces the best
    work in Boston! Thanks for such exciting work!

  8. sl says:

    FANtastic, energizing and amazing!

  9. Carie Michael says:

    Our whole family — 15 yr old daughter, 10 yr old son, and parents — LOVED 7 Fingers “Traces.” The story that’s woven throughout the dance and acrobatics is as moving as their spectacular physicality. The acrobatics are mind-blowing, but the story is powerful and will leave you thinking about your own life. Don’t miss this one!

  10. Amy says:

    Traces is an unbelievable human acrobatic performance. However, to label it as a circus show underestimates the quality of the show. It is for a more mature audience, not because of anything inappropriate for children, but because it is not childishly choreographed. My 11 year old was enthralled and but couldn’t appreciate the nuances. One watches Traces while in a state of constant awe. The woman next to me either gasped or said “Wow” several dozen times throughout the show!

  11. Alice Leidner says:

    Amazing group of talented young people! What zip, energy and talent ! Loved the show. This is the third time I have seen the group perform. And when you bring them back I plan to see them again.

    My only criticism is that the music was way too loud and took away from our enjoyment of the performers. Tone it down and keep it in the background where it belongs to enhance the performers, not to overshadow them.

  12. Deb Colgan says:

    Seeing the new 7 fingers production of Traces was fantastic. This is our third year in a row attending a 7 fingers production. We hope that they will come to Boston every year with a new show. The use of the video in the show as highly effective and every act was memorable and kept you on the edge of your seat. Everyone should go and see Traces!!

  13. Beatrice Oakley says:

    Loved it. This is our third year in a row! Wouldn’t miss it! Loved the lobby cam!

  14. Ron Mallis says:

    Saw Traces for the second time last night, and I found it possibly even more emotionally powerful than the first time. I would love to sit in on a week’s worth of rehearsals/discussions/collaborations at least to begin to understand how and from where this kind of work emerges. Thanks to all.

  15. Willwiam Wasserman says:

    great show, and your ticket personnel and the ushers were very friendly and helpful.

  16. Janet Zerlin Fagan says:

    Our second time and it was just as perfect! Hard to describe just how amazing it was. It was beauty, dance, drama, humor, musical excellence and suspense all at the same time. I loved the music! It was perfectly matched with whatever went on. The performers were wonderful! Totally unique too. Though not as dramatic as the rest I loved the whimsical nature of that lovely girl in the chair and in that beautiful red dress. But really the guys were all fantastic (and lovable) too. it was all great! Thank you so much.

  17. Sara Reilly says:

    My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed Traces. Everything was perfect. From the performers to the staging to the music, tpo our amazing seats. The show was engaging of all the senses, as any ideal circus is. I must say the choices in music & music volume were essential in my being evermore invigorated by what my eyes were witnessing. It was evident that the performers were also into the music and it made me feel like i was sharing this feeling with them, and hence part of the show myself. Seeing Les Sept Doigts De la Main is always a treasure beyond measure, no matter what troupe, performance or venue. Although I have to say that this particular group seemed to embody a more rare comradarie and togetherness that indeed made their individual performances even stronger.
    This is our fourth show with 7 fingers. We can’t wait until the circus returns to town for more contortion, clowning, confusion, goofing, perfection, hooting and hollering! I absolutely can not be loud enough as an audience member at these shows. I feel like the performers need to hear & feed on how loud we as their spectators can be. As a measure of how well they are doing…which is always beyond expression. That’s the circus for you, extreme in every way. If you don’t like cheering in your ear go to the opera.

  18. Alison Pirie says:

    Traces was enthralling. We saw 7 fingers last year and Traces was, amazingly, even better. Please bring them back next season!

  19. Paul says:

    Kudos to ArtsEmerson for yet another world class performance for us Bostonians. I have seen a series of brilliant plays and shows in the last 2 years each one unique and spellbinding and this one has left me with a deep reservoir of WOW to draw on for a long long time.

  20. Fabulous & thrilling!

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