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March 2, 2015 | Theatre,

“V” is very very complicated…

I once asked him: ‘What is love?’ – He replied, ‘It is the euphoria of impossibility.’ – from Kneehigh’s Tristan and Yseult


For as long as love stories have existed so has the “love triangle”.

She loves him, and he loves her, but she also maybe kinda loves that other guy, and well maybe he also loves that other woman too…


The myth of Tristan and Yseult predates Lancelot and Guinevere as well as Othello, but they are really all the same story. The irresistible pull of the lover who awakens your soul, as well as the comfort and security of the one you know will love and protect you.


I have spent the last few days with a 2.5 year old. His life is ruled by trying to get what he’s being told he can’t have. He will be told “no, you can’t” or at least that’s what he hears if the answer is not a resounding “YES”, and all hope is lost. He will then wait till he thinks no one is paying attention, and take what he wants anyway. When he is found out, the thing is taken away or he is stopped from doing what he wants and again, all hope is lost. He will do this again and again all day long. He’s a toddler, and he’s doing his job perfectly, he’s learning. Slowly, over time, he will learn that he can’t always just have whatever he wants for his own health, safety, and general well-being. I see him actively learning and doing better at it.


I have a friend, he’s in his late 30’s, and he exhibits remarkably similar behavior to my 2.5 year old friend when it comes to relationships. He will pine, he will pout, and he will wait till he thinks the coast is clear and make all the bad choices his friends have warned him against. His relationship will get more and more complicated till it’s become so entangled he’ll be totally immobilized by it. He will do it again, and again. Why did he stop learning? Why does he repeat the madness? Why are people drawn to complicated, drama-filled relationships?


This gentleman has some fascinating answers to these questions. Emotional Maps!   ]


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