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December 7, 2015 | Theatre,

Now is the Time to Catch Your Breath


Season Preview! (Photo Cred: Paul Marotta)

The New England work flow was once described to me as unrelenting amounts of work in the fall, a pause for the holidays, brief interruptions from snow, a heavy churn during spring, and then starting Memorial Day you leave work as often as possible until Labor Day (when you then sneak away on weekend trips until Columbus Day). It’s a gross generalization, but the bit about the fall certainly feels true.



Audience Selfies with our T ads


Here at ArtsEmerson we moved productions through our theaters at a pace that would put any changing leaf to shame. We are as used to the pace as we can be, but what never ceases to amaze me is our audience’s dedication to showing up and engaging. We’ve seen so many familiar faces at events, conversations, parties, plays and screenings not only Downtown but out all over the city. In a season when everyone is juggling their time it has been so moving to see so many of you opting in and adventuring with us. Whether we shared a plate of fried okra at Darryl’s, scratched our foreheads comprehending Walter Mosley’s interrogation of Whiteness, or squished next to each other to keep Meow Meow from crashing into the seats – we had a quite a time and we thank you for it.


Audiences hard at work! (Photo Cred: Paul Marotta)


So, enjoy the holidays, ring in the New Year, explore the recipe database compiled by the New York Times and catch your breath, because come January 20th – we’re BACK!


Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night remixed into 90 minutes of music and fun will bring that story to life in a way you’ve never seen.


We’re pairing up with Company One to bring you An Octoroon, an explosion of a nineteenth century melodrama that has quickly become one of the most important plays of the twenty-first century.


Violet and Bruce only have four mediocre super powers and each other to save the universe in The Wong Kids in the Secret of the Space Chupacabra Go! High stakes, Hi-LARIOUS.


Experience Chekhov’s Three Sisters in his native tongue, performed and directed by some of the best theater artists in Russia’s legacy of excellent theater.


Speaking of legacy, Lisa Dwan tackles a trilogy of pieces by the legendary Samuel Beckett giving us the rare opportunity to see Not I, Footfalls, and Rockaby – trained by Beckett’s longtime muse and collaborator Billie Whitelaw.


The juxtaposition of stunning theatrical innovation and vile human behavior clash together in Historia de Amor, from acclaimed and generally awesome Chilean company Teatro Cinema.


¿Te acuerdas? Marisa Chibas resurrects the story how her family influenced Cuban history in Daughter of a Cuban Revolutionary.


When your husband doesn’t treat you like a queen, the only reasonable thing to do is hire a hitman, amirite ladies? Premeditation is film noir meets romantic comedy brilliantly created and performed by California legends, the Latino Theater Company.


You up for it?

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