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September 10, 2016 | What Did You Think?,

What Did You Think of Ouroboros Trilogy?

Thank you for joining us for the Ouroboros Trilogy! Whether you caught NagaGilgamesh, or Madame White Snake individually or all in one go, we are excited to hear your thoughts on this intentionally different opera experience.

Which opera did you see?

If you regularly attend opera, what aspects of these productions stood out to you as different?

If you have seen more than one, what was your experience of how the stories intertwine?

While you’ve got opera on the mind, we are really proud that Friends of Madame White Snake is one of the many organizations involved in Boston Lyric Opera’s 40 Days of Opera. If you haven’t had a opportunity to look at the list of events, click here to see how you can engage with Boston’s vast and varied opera scene.


2 responses to “What Did You Think of Ouroboros Trilogy?”

  1. Steve Bohrer says:

    So far, I’ve seen only Madame White Snake, though I hope to see the other two tonight and tomorrow.

    I really didn’t know what to expect, as this is the first modern opera I’ve seen. I loved it!

    Very engaging. Moving. Haunting. At the end, after the applause, I sat quietly for a moment, teary-eyed, overwhelmed. Who knew that opera was such an emotional experience!

    The production is beautiful, and technically amazing. The integration of projections and built set pieces is particularly impressive, especially for the Fall and Winter acts. Some of the looks were achingly beautiful.

    Having the chorus along the sides was also very wonderful, as their voices washed over us.

    All in all, a totally immersive theater experience.

  2. Bill, from Arlington says:

    Kudos to ArtsEmerson for producing Madame White Snake. An adventurous choice, to be sure, and visually stunning, to say the least. I’m still reflecting on the opera’s themes. But more important, it was gratifying to see a full house for this complex and challenging show — a good sign for the success of more such shows in the future. Here’s hoping!

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