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August 30, 2017 | Theatre,

Diving Deeper Into Millennial Myths


Earlier this summer, we produced a video about debunking Millennial myths as a way of understanding the original inspiration for The 7 Finger’s brand new show, Reversible.

The community members we interviews had so many interesting things to say, we’ve expanded that video with this additional food for thought.


“I like writing letters, I like the tactility of that communication and the intentionality behind it. It requires a half hour to sit down and write something out to someone and you only get one back every couple of months so there is something special about that and I think that it keeps us connected wherever we are. Technology has been incredibly important and I have friends now that I wouldn’t have or necessarily be able to maintain a relationship with, without something like Facebook.” – Joshua, ‘92




“The strongest connection I’ve had to someone who is older is through music and through the arts. My mom and I connect over art and over musicals, plays, and theatre. It’s finding common ground with people who are older than you and having those conversations.” – Malachi, ‘95





“A lot of the connection I have with younger folk is from being in a facilitator role. I’m a part of lots of different communities that are intergenerational. Connection with people my own age looks different depending on what that connection is. I’ve definitely made a lot of friends online on a lot of different types of social media platforms. As a millennial I was part of the generation that was raised by the Internet – so the emergence of chat rooms and MySpace. I’m excited by the ways that my generation uses the Internet to connect. When we connect through online platforms, we are creating a new language.” – Stokely, ‘89






“I’m an actor. I am a Puerto Rican. I am a daughter, I am a friend. I try to be a loving and caring human.” – Angelina, ‘93






“I’m an artist, I’m a student, I’m a daughter, I’m a director, I’m a teacher, I’m a dreamer, I’m a nice person, I’m a mentor, I’m a progressive, I’m a millennial.” – Aubriana, ‘96





“Millennials are super self involved is a stereotype but I don’t think that it’s negative in the way that its presented. Talking about your brand is a positive way to connect with other people or present yourself in your workplace that we haven’t had in the past.” – Kat, ‘95







“A millennial in 2017 is someone who is ready for change, ready to accept people who are different from them, who is up with technologies, who communicates with people on social media. A millennial is someone who loves PinkBerry but also understands that Pinkberry is capitalism. A millennial is someone who has a sense of style but also understands what the dominant style and knows how to avoid it or play into it” – Travis ‘95






“To me a millennial is just an age group that I am sort of barely  on the cusp of because I graduated college before the crash which I really think divides that age group ,but we all feel the effects of that. A lot of millennials can’t remember a life without the internet or cell phone but for me I remember when those came into my life” – Sara ‘84





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