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September 20, 2017 | Theatre,

Welcome HOME (SEP 27 – OCT 1)


Hello and welcome back.
Have you been here before?
Does it feel familiar?

I hope that you’re making yourself comfortable and getting ready for this thing to begin. We are all very happy that you could make it—to come here and make the time. That’s great.
Just sit comfortably. It’s a good seat, isn’t it? Sure, there may be better ones—every seat has its pluses and minuses—but this place, your place, this is a good place! At any rate, it’s all yours—so just make yourself at home.

  • Creator Geoff Sobelle’s opening paragraphs in his program note for HOME


Reviews from Philadelphia’s World Premiere:


“I enjoyed Geoff Sobelle’s HOME as much as I’ve ever enjoyed a piece of theater while simultaneously thinking, ‘Damn, I do a lot of laundry.'”

A “remarkable, large-scale theatrical mosaic”

“Construction continues…all without realizing quite how and when everything got there.”

“The stage becomes a living storybook of wacky, homey, intricate seek-and-find pictures created for sheer visual delight.”

Broad Street Review 


“Actor, creator, magician and illusionist, Geoff Sobelle performs miracles”

“Go experience it”

“Sobelle is an artistic genius” 


“A surrealistic delight.”

“Expect continual surprise”

“Catch it before the rest of the world sees it.”

DC Metro Arts 


“Featuring clever illusions, an ever-evolving house-under-construction set (Steven Dufala), Elvis Perkins’ dream-like troubadour tunes, and a talented cast who wrest powerful emotions out of everyday scenes, Sobelle’s world premiere is a gem in this year’s Fringe Festival.”

Thinking Dance 


“Welcome to the magical world of Geoff Sobelle”

“The house in HOME is truly gorgeous.”





SEP 27 – OCT 1

Emerson Paramount Center
Robert J. Orchard Stage

American Sign Language Performance
SAT, SEP 30 @ 2PM

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