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November 8, 2018 | Theatre, What Did You Think?,

Let’s Talk About WET: A DACA-mented Journey

Thank you joining us for Cara Mia and Ignite/Arts’ production of WET: A DACAmented Journey.

We want to know what you thought, so please leave your comments below.

Did you learn something new?

What is a truth that you heard?

What are organizations or movements organizing around immigrant rights and immigration reform that you want other people to know about?

Alex Alpharaoh gives us a lot to think about through this story of navigating constantly shifting policy and rhetoric around immigration. Some of us see ourselves represented in his story while others are receiving information and insight we’ve never heard before.

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“This is theater at its most evocative. Alpharoah is the embodiment of the immigration debate. His trials and fear are delivered right into our space.”  – Jared Bowen, WGBH
“Combines autobiography, political mission and hip-hop-inflected spoken word to put the audience in Alpharaoh’s shoes — and you feel every springy step and chafed toe.”
“A riveting and entirely engrossing 90 minutes that you will not soon forget…With all the media spin going on about immigration from both sides, it’s imperative for us to step back and add a human face to this struggle. There is no one better to provide that context than Mr. Alpharaoh.” – EDGE Boston

Audience Reactions

A “wonderful show.”

“Alex’s performance was so incredibly powerful — charged with honesty, humanity, urgency, resilience, and hope…Thank you for bringing voices like Alex’s to our city. Just like with The Peculiar Patriot, which I saw recently as well, I feel more connected to my fellow Americans when I can more viscerally understand their pain and struggle…Thank you again for making art like this available to Boston audiences.”

“Phenomenal–I will be recommending it to everyone I know!”

“This was one of the most powerful performances I’ve EVER seen. Alex physically and emotionally embodies a 10 year old, a worried mom, a customs officer, an abuelo and other characters with completely believable ease. He had me hugging my knees riveted to my seat, heart pounding in empathy and anticipation. Go see this. Go see this. Go see this!”

“Loved every minute of my experience at the show with my students! Incredible performance!”
“I loved WET, and the conversation with the playwright that preceded the play. I am grateful for ArtsEmerson’s commitment to bring us plays that address critical, and complicated issues in our times.”
“This was my first time attending a performance at ArtsEmerson, after living in Boston for a decade. WET was powerful and beautiful and vulnerable. I saw some parts of my own story reflected in his, while other parts opened my eyes to others’ experiences. I would highly recommend this show.”
“The most important stories told in Boston.”

5 responses to “Let’s Talk About WET: A DACA-mented Journey”

  1. Ivania says:

    So, first of all I would like to say that I really enjoyed watched that scene and I truly can imagine what he has been through in his life. I put myself in his shoes trying to feel what he had felt during a difficult time like that.
    And also I would like to say that he’s brave in sharing his true story about this crucial problem that is immigration and for performing it.
    Was awesome !!!

    Thanks for the opportunity ,

  2. Lydia Jane Graeff says:

    This show was perfection and should be seen by every American.

  3. Sumru Erkut says:

    Thank you, ArtsEmerson, for bringing WET to Boston. Alpharoah is a powerful playwright and performer. In this one-man production, with honestly and wit, through many characters he showed the audience the sad, perplexing, constantly changing realities of being undocumented in the U.S. I left the theater saying to myself, I’d like to see everything he does.

  4. David Dower says:

    Thank you all for writing. We’ve shared your comments with Alex as well. All of us are grateful that the show is finding such a welcoming audience and making such a deep impact. Thank you for sharing your experience with the readers of this blog, many of whom are trying to make up their minds whether this show is something for them. Hearing directly from others in the audience is the most influential factor in that decision.

  5. Wayne Ogden says:

    Alex & “Wet…” both work to humanize the immigration reality in such a way that makes it required seeing for all Americans. It should be required viewing for all members of Congress!

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