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November 8, 2018 | Theatre,

The Boston Globe interviews WET’s Alex Alpharaoh: “I’m tired of hiding. I’m a human being.”


“I can walk out of this theater,” Alpharaoh said in a phone interview from Dallas, “get arrested for some bogus reason, and all they need is the quote unquote suspicion of a crime to hold me indefinitely under the Patriot Act and try to find reasons to strip me of my DACA status and then deport me.”

To describe “WET” simply as an accumulation of its plot points would be to sell short its intensity. It is largely the story of the bureaucratic hoops Alpharaoh had to jump through — including a four-day trip to his home country of Guatemala, with no guarantee he’d be allowed back into the United States upon return.

But it unspools like a thriller, with Trump’s inauguration looming threateningly. In the collision of the narrator’s deeply personal, high-stakes journey with the cool, impenetrable functions of government bureaucracy, “WET” has a Kafkaesque quality.


Alex Alpharaoh’s WET: A DACAmented Journey at the Jackie Liebergott Black Box in the Emerson Paramount Center NOV 8 -25.


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