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December 4, 2018 | Theatre,

Do You Remember the Nineties?

Manual Cinema’s The End of TV continues to entrance audiences with live video feeds, shadow puppetry using overhead projectors and original music to tell the story of unlikely friendship amid the static during the late 1990s. Peter Sagal, from NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me tweeted this week, “I saw my first play at age 8. I’ve seen work by Robert Wilson, Pina Bausch, Richard Foreman, Reza Abdoh, Wooster Group, and more. I’ve never seen anything as delightfully unique, and at the same time as accessible, as .”

Though they use technology from days gone by, Manual Cinema is able to create something entirely new and unique, which gave us the idea to look back at our nostalgia and journey back to the 1990s and see how much we remember from the iconic decade. Take the quiz below and see how well your memory serves you and don’t forget to get your ticket to The End Of TV JAN 16 – 27 at the Emerson Paramount Center! 

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