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January 16, 2019 | Theatre, What Did You Think?,

Let’s Talk About The End of TV!

Thank you for joining us for The End of TV by Manual Cinema! We are so thrilled to have the company back with us sharing this story of connection.

Our marketing team has been diving deep into the themes of this story by publishing great pieces on our blog. One real highlight is this blog and video that follows a meal delivery service on their morning route. Take a second and check it out.

As always, let us know what you’re taking away from this performance in the comments section below!



“I watched, mouth nearly agape, as the heights of emotion were conveyed through the essence of storytelling: Image and song. Although it’s all far more ingenious than that. I can’t believe how captivating it was, how emotional it was.” Jared Bowen, WGBH 

“Revelatory!” – The Arts Fuse

“★★★★☆” – DIG Boston

“”Visually stunning…. you should grab the opportunity to experience this one of a kind group while they are in Boston.” – Edge Media Network

“Creative, unique, fascinating, humorous and touching, this is a work that will capture your heart.”  Boxing Over Broadway

“Brilliant cinematic storytelling…another feat of extraordinary and highly creative artistry.” – Boston and Beyond 

“UNUSUAL AND STUNNING” – Capital Critics’ Corner

“Quite unlike anything I have seen on stage. ” – The Theatre Times 

“The cast and crew work together as a seamless ensemble to craft a creative, immersive experience for the audience. A marriage of film and live performance, there’s nothing else quite like it.” – Broadway World

“Boston’s most unique show.” – Metro

“A feat of artistic dexterity.” – Bay State Banner 


“The overhead projector is relevant again! Thank you ArtsEmerson for bringing Manual Cinema to Boston. Especially enjoyed the music in this show.” – @_wickedstage
“Blessings on Manual Cinema for making the most beautiful, affecting theater and many thanks to ArtsEmerson for continually bringing them back to Boston!” – @Khemingway
 “It’s magical!” – Harold Rudolph on Facebook
“I was mesmerized…definitely see it while it’s in Boston!!” – Matthew Tambiah on Facebook

2 responses to “Let’s Talk About The End of TV!”

  1. Linda Aquilina says:

    The music was captivating, the ingenuity of the cast and production was stunning. This was our second exposure to this type of performance, as such we found the story line a bit too intricate for this type of visual production. Several scenes were a somewhat confusing at first and to some extent seemed unnecessary. Overall though it was a very worthwhile theater-going experience. We look forward seeing them again!

  2. Nathan Redshield says:

    It was tricky to watch everything going on; it was partway through I realized the music was live not recorded. Turns out “Manual Cinema” is exactly what they are. OK as to the story it had the problem of silent movies: you had to figure out what/who was going on and who these people were. But a neat and different way of telling a story; you watched not only what but how the performers were doing what they did. Being closely familiar with the Rustbelt and Weirton WV in particular (Dad is from there) helped. Please get them back in the future!

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