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April 27, 2020 | Together Apart,


Thank you for joining us for the Together Apart series!

Now is your opportunity to watch Torrey Pines, the resplendent stop-motion animated feature that fascinated audiences during its 2018 presentation at ArtsEmerson. In his debut feature, award-winning filmmaker Clyde Petersen mines his adolescent years to tell a meditative coming-of-age story of a twelve year old girl taken on a cross-country roadtrip by her schizophrenic mother, without the father’s knowledge. 

UPDATE: MAY 11, 2020

The streaming period for Torrey Pines has unfortunately passed, but we encourage you to stay involved and join us for our next digital event! A full calendar of events can be found here and you can register below for updates, access links, and future viewing reminders!

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Laced with levity, inimitable charm, and ‘90s pop culture references, Torrey Pines deftly captures the emotional dichotomy of growing up. In its nuanced delve into the adolescent experience of its protagonist, a transgender teeneager, a universal tale of adolescence and the growing pains of finding your own identity amidst the chaos of it all.

Torrey Pines gave us incredible nostalgia for the 1990s and it’s beautiful animation style inspired us then and continues to inspire us now so much so we took a crack at our stop motion video…

The music of Torrey Pines continues to ring in our ears, reminding us of our own long journeys on the road, the bittersweet nostalgia of growing up, and how we can tell those stories through melodies and rhythms. With music from Clyde Petersen’s band Your Heart Breaks, Chris Walla (ex-Death Cab for Cutie member), Moldy Peaches co-founder Kimya Dawson (also featured in the Juno soundtrack), amongst many others talented musicians, we put together a playlist of their music which you can find here. You can also listen to the full Torrey Pines soundtrack here.

Let us know how what you thought of Torrey Pines and your virtual theatre experience in the comments below! We’ll also be taking questions from audience members for our conversation with Clyde Petersen on May 7th, 2020. Enjoy.

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2 responses to “NOW STREAMING: Torrey Pines”

  1. Carrie says:

    That was wonderful. Eric Carle eat your heart out. Hang in there for the credits and the song. Thanks Emerson Arts and Together Apart.

    • David Dower says:

      So glad you enjoyed it and (especially) that you wrote to say so!

      This series is going to go on as long as it has value in our effort to connect across difference. So stay tuned. More gems on the way. Oh- and you noticed that Clyde is going to join us for a live conversation, yes? Maybe I will see you there!

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