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August 25, 2020 | General, Notes From Leadership, Race and Equity, Together Apart,

The Good Old Days Weren’t Good For Everybody

Don’t miss ArtsEmerson Executive Director David C. Howe’s appearance on Dr. Nick Morgan’s #JustOneQuestion show where he talks about his life and work in a moment of racial reckoning on top of a global pandemic.

“If you’re from Boston, or been to Boston, you know how important ArtsEmerson in the arts scene here; you can’t get along without it,” Morgan explains in his introduction of Howse before inquiring what a live performance organization does in a moment like this.

Here’s one highlight from Howse’s responses. Click below to watch the entire interview and sign up here for emails about ArtsEmerson’s new digital programming.

“You may hear some hope or optimism in my voice, but I have to say I am not at all blinded to the incredible challenges we are facing both economically, socially and politically. This moment is incredibly challenging—and that’s an understatement—but I do see that I don’t have the privilege of pessimism. We have to mourn the things that we’ve lost but also with an eye towards the future. I am not interesting in getting back to normal or going back to the good old days because it’s clear to me that the good old days weren’t good for everybody.” – David C. Howse

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