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September 24, 2020 | Film, General,

A talk with the creators of Our Time Machine [available in Mandarin and English]

Mandarin with English Closed Captions.
English dubbed voice over.

UPDATE: The feature film Our Time Machine is currently streaming on PBS.


Please enjoy this live conversation with Our Time Machine documentary directors Yang Sun and S. Leo Chiang as well as Hao Sun—company manager of “Papa’s Time Machine,” the play within the film. The event was moderated by CHUANG Stage (Boston) Co-founder Alison Qu. Additionally, Hao Sun gave audiences a tour of the workspace where Maleonn and team created the puppets and discussed the journey of the concept from stage to screen. Here are a few highlight of the talk:


-电影导演&制片   孙杨

”It is a part of the journey of life, and it doesn’t come back again. It is a memory that we keep in treasure , and it really came to fruition. This is quite an honor for us.”

    -Yang Sun, Director &Producer


-电影导演&制片  江松长

“I think that something that is really interesting is we filmed many interactions between the audience and the puppets, and it is clear that, you know, I mean that is literally two adults behind this puppet, so close to the audience like within a meter, but the audience is always interacting and looking at the puppet. They will never interact with the operators or the actors behind the puppet.” It is something that is really interesting. In people’s minds, the puppet is really a person, and they really want to interact with the puppet. 

-S.Leo Chiang ,Director & Producer 


-美术指导 剧团经理 孙昊

“There were few shows that, obviously when the puppet really connects with the audience, the emotions within that show were a lot better, and I can feel very emotional even watching on the side, because everything was really right in place and received well by the audience.”       

– Hao Sun, Company Manager of Papa’s Time Machine 


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