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February 6, 2021 | Film, What Did You Think?,

Let’s Talk About Down a Dark Stairwell!

Down a Dark Stairwell is now available for on demand streaming through Sunday, FEB 07! We’re honored to bring this film to our audience and interested in the conversation this documentary sparks. We’d love to hear from you, either by responding to some of the prompts below or sharing any ideas that came to you during the performance.

  • How did this film challenge your perceptions?
  • What resonated with you?
  • It’s only been seven years since the events of the documentary, but it feels that much has changed. What did you notice that was different in contrast to present day events and movements?

Feel free to leave a comment on this blog post, or reach out on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram; use hashtag #DownADarkStairwell and tag @ArtsEmerson too! Be sure to check back here for more reviews from press and other audience members.


“Emotion that feels harrowing and somehow endless.”
Anna Hoang, Boston Hassle

“In this nuanced and affecting account of the conflict and dialogue between the two communities, Liang shows how the ongoing struggle for racial equality is not just a matter of black and white.
Peter Keough, The Boston Globe

“Tells a crucial American story of how divisions among racial minorities ultimately serve white supremacy.”
– John Raphling, Senior Researcher, US Criminal Justice, Human Rights Watch

“This brilliant film could not have come at a better time.”
— Martin Lukenov, Asian Movie Pulse

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