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April 13, 2021 | Film, What Did You Think?,

Let’s Talk About The Return of the Dragon!

The Return of the Dragon is now available for on demand streaming through Tuesday, APR 27! This moving micro-documentary of art and politics illuminates not only the strife in Chile, but resonates with stories of revolution all over the world. We want to hear about your response to this piece and we’ve included a few questions below to guide your thinking:

  • What are some of the most effective political art and/or theatre pieces you have seen?
  • What was the most surprising part of the performance?
  • Do you see overlaps between conversations happening in Chile and the United States?

Feel free to leave a comment on this blog post, or reach out on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram and tag @ArtsEmerson too! Be sure to check back here for more reviews from press and other audience members.


POTENT. Meditates on the relationship between politics and arts… and the role of the artist in times of social upheavel.” – Los Angeles Times

“[Calderon is] Chile’s most acclaimed playwright-director of the last two decades.” — Los Angeles Times

“But there’s a freshness and forcefulness to Calderón’s work, which marries the urgency of politics to the playful joy of theatremaking.”
American Theatre

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