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May 11, 2022 | Theatre, What Did You Think?,

Let’s Talk About Sea Sick

Sea Sick, the celebrated one woman show, follows science journalist Alanna Mitchell’s grand adventure into the depths of the ocean to learn its secrets, face its demons, and come to grips with the devastating implications of climate change that threaten our world.

Join the conversation and let us know what you thought about the production! Comment below, either by following one of the prompts below or with whatever crosses your mind. We can’t wait to hear from you!

  • How would you describe this experience to a friend?
  • Were you familiar with Ocean Acidification before this performance?
  • How might you encourage someone overwhelmed by the concept of climate change?
  • Who are the people and organizations that you know of who are doing work in New England to reduce carbon?
  • And, what questions do you have?

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2 responses to “Let’s Talk About Sea Sick”

  1. Jen Sanders says:

    This was a fantastic show. We’ve all heard the predictions, so the basic knowledge isn’t a secret. But hearing, and seeing, the details is terrifying (so to speak). All the better when told by an ‘average person’ (non-scientist) in an emotion-filled but matter-of-fact manner (no scientific jargon or cold ‘just the facts, ma’am’ delivery). Left feeling like I had just hung out with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, filling me in on her adventures…and inspired to make more noise about the serious threat to something I hold very dear. Must see!

  2. Brian Saper says:

    She had a fascinating story to tell. Does black box have telecoms system for hearing aids? She was wearing a microphone but some was difficult to hear. Coral sex was amazing. Dropping to deep in cage was great. Seemed like she connected with so many experts. Many friends would appreciate hearing this

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