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September 19, 2023 | Events,

Little Amal in the Media

Little Amal garnered much media attention when she visited Boston on September 7, the first stop on a two-month tour of the United States! Citizens of Boston gathered in the Downtown area to welcome the 12-foot puppet to Boston, with dozens of media outlets standing nearby to capture the moment. Check out a few highlights from Amal’s visit and see what the media is buzzing about!

Upon her arrival in Boston, Amal received the attention of local news outlets, including WBUR, NBC 10 Boston, and the Boston Globe, just to name a few. These outlets all remarked on how impressive the puppet was and how many community members came out to celebrate her arrival.

In speaking to WGBH, ArtsEmerson Director of Artistic Programming, Ronee Penoi remarked that Amal’s story often resonates with the community she is visiting and that her presence as the ability to elicit emotional responses: 

“If you see her alone by the water, it tells a certain story. It evokes a certain emotion. If you see her walking through the city as part of a parade, that evokes a different kind of emotion. If you see her sleeping, that might bring something else to you,” said Penoi. “So there’s so many ways in which puppets as a representation of humanity can actually allow us to go to a deeper place of empathy.”

In addition to receiving attention from local news sources, Amal’s visit to Boston has also caught the attention of national news outlets, like Insider and the Associated Press.

Did you have the chance to visit with Amal in Boston? Leave a note in the comments letting us know about your experience! You can also view the full gallery of her time in Boston here.

Paige Walker, Sept 2023

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