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February 17, 2015 | Theatre,

“O” is for only the lonely…

With Kneehigh’s Tristan and Yseult right around the corner we thought we’d take a look at what loves ACTUALLY GOT TO DO WIT’ IT! Love takes many forms; over the next few blogs we’ll talk about a few and hope you will chime in with your own insights into that crazy little thing we call love.


You guys will see when you come see Kneehigh’s production of Tristan and Yseult in a few weeks, but an epic love story is just as much about the un-loved as it is for the loved, maybe even more.


I write this entry on Valentines Day. We can all agree that Russell and the rest of the Stovers had a sizeable hand in making this holiday what it is today, but it’s power in making single folks everywhere feel the pangs of loneliness more deeply is significant.


My fiance and I do not celebrate Valentines. Yes, we are THAT couple. We are totally in love, adorable together, and are so perfect we don’t need a made up holiday to prove our love to each other. You love us.


I wasn’t always in this great deal with a great guy though. I understand how supremely freeing it can feel to be single, and how supremely trapped one can feel by their own loneliness. That kind of loneliness can lead to desperation. One might settle for less than ideal companionship, or give up on finding something of substance all together.


Lonely hearts, I hear you and I see you. I celebrate you. I think every person should experience profound loneliness at some point in their lives. The times I’ve been alone have shown me more about how to love the people that are in my life and more about what I truly wanted my life to look like. It’s where the real growth and depth of our lives comes from.


Another thought about loneliness and the “un-loved”; could it be that the people who feel like love is passing them by are just more careful with their feelings? Perhaps these are the people who don’t jump into relationships without considering how everyone’s lives will be impacted, and weigh the consequences. On the other hand, perhaps these are the people who are afraid of love and the pain it can bring…either way, I think we can agree that the “un-loved” could just as easily be labeled “The careful”.


If only all that love were careful with the hearts they are entrusted with! What a world! Think of it! Are you thinking of it? Does it look boring? Yes, of course it does! Every work of art, piece of poetry, music, play, etc is inspired by love and how it can hurt, in some way. We are the sum of the parts that are left over after we’ve been broken. I think it’s all beautiful and powerful, and I’m not alone.


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Take a look at these articles, and see if you don’t have a better appreciation for your loneliness!


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