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March 7, 2018 | What Did You Think?,

What Did You Think of Bedlam Theatre

Thank you for joining us for Bedlam Theatre’s performance in the Emerson Cutler Majestic! Whether you saw Hamlet or Saint Joan, we hope you experienced the story and the theatre in a radically reimagined way.

Since ArtsEmerson opened we have presented companies from around the world who find ways to innovate classics and put them in direct conversation with our contemporary moment. We would love to hear about moments in the play that made you consider what in the play spoke to your life.


One response to “What Did You Think of Bedlam Theatre”

  1. Michael Schwartz says:

    I saw “St Joan” last night and had one significant problem with it. I can’t find another way to contact the theater, so I’m going to leave my concern here. First of all, everyone should see this production. But, even though the cast urges you to go onto the stage for the second act, don’t do it. I was able to hear only about a third of the dialog and almost nothing of Joan’s. I saw the production in Central Square a few years ago in a much more intimate theater. I understand that this production wants to recreate some of the intimacy, but it hasn’t worked out the acoustical problems. As I say, see this production, but see it from your seats in the theater.

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