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March 9, 2018 | Theatre,

Info on the ASL interpreted performance of The White Card on MAR 31



Hello, hello Deaf community, theatre community, interpreter community! Paramount Theatre in Boston would like to let you know about an upcoming ASL interpreted production called “The White Card.” The show will take place on Saturday, March 31st at 2:00PM. The interpreters are Chris Robinson and Shari Coon. The play is about a married couple of whom both are White. The husband, Charles is very knowledgeable about a lot of things, is deeply involved in the art world, has lots of money, is a philanthropist, and is well known. His wife, Virginia is also deeply involved in the art community, she’s an art consultant for large corporate clients. They both live near Lower Manhattan in a loft. One can only image their collection of artwork displayed at home with champagne. They have two sons. Their art dealer’s name is Eric who founded many art galleries and is a strong advocate of young artists. He invited a Black female artist, Charlotte, a well-recognized artist and photography who received major prizes, into their home for dinner. They introduced each other and chatted, and then tension arises when Charlotte raises questions just as their son Alex walked into the room for dinner. Alex is a young man who is heavily involved with American politics and a strong advocate for human rights. Alex looked at his parents as if they were creating a problem. Charlotte, Eric, and the parents were engaged in heavy discussion and then… I think you should go and see the play to see what happens from there. Hope to see you there! Thank you. Two important things, 1) If you decide to purchase tickets on-line, please use the 1-word promo code ‘signlanguage’ and then click on ASL tickets. 2) The play starts at 2:00PM. Once the production starts, the doors will not re-open and you will not be able to enter or re-enter, so arrive early! Thank you for watching this!

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