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March 19, 2024 | General, News,

Dahl Recipe and Cooking Tutorial

Red dahl in a bowlDahl, a staple in South Asian cuisine, is also the featured dish in Mrs. Krishnan’s Party! The cast will cook dahl on stage and patrons are invited to sample the dish afterwards.

This dish is a simple staple with many variations. Ingredients can be added and subtracted and are usually adapted to the chef’s taste! It can be eaten alone or with rice or roti. Or, it can be eaten by itself. It can be thick or feature a soupier consistency. Dahl can be a quick snack or a deeper dish — the possibilities are endless.

Indian Ink Theatre Company provided a simple dahl recipe based on the recipe used in the show. This contains few ingredients and is very quick to make. ArtsEmerson recreated this recipe in a cooking tutorial video with the help of former caterer and life-long South Asian cook Monica Shah. Watch the video for the full tutorial.

Did you try cooking a batch? What ingredients would you add or remove?

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