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November 19, 2014 | What Did You Think?,

What Did You Think of The Old Man and the Old Moon

Thank you for joining us for PigPen Theatre Co.’s production of The Old Man and the Old Moon.  We want to hear about your time sailing the seas with the members of  PigPen Theatre Co.



1. Have you seen the work of PigPen Theatre Co. before? What felt different about this performance?

2. How long do you think you would last sailing on a ship to the edge of the world?

3. How would you describe the experience of this play to your friends?

4. Did you know that PigPen Theatre Co. is playing a concert at the Sinclair in Harvard Square on Tuesday, November 25th?

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts in the comments!

16 responses to “What Did You Think of The Old Man and the Old Moon”

  1. susan scofield says:

    My husband and I loved it! So different and unconventional! It reminded me of Peter and the Starcatcher. I am realitively new to Arts Emerson productions but I am now hooked, having seen Traces and now The Old Man and the Old Moon. I’m sure I will be seeing more productions.

  2. Morgan Reynolds says:

    I absolutely loved this production.

    This was one of those theater experiences that simply could not be done in another setting. It was beautifully personal, grand in scale, and organic in flow. So much of the magic is in the actors themselves, and I felt delighted to see them fret their hour upon the stage.

  3. Kris says:

    I was disappointed. No drama, no conflict, no emotion, no magic. No teeth whatsoever. Felt like a 90-minute Decemberists video, or Mumford and Sons: The Musical Sitcom. I’m sure that sounds appealing to some people, but I found it remarkably bland.

  4. Ron Mallis says:

    Phenomenal, moving, funny: the half-second when a part of the set was transformed into a boat was absolute magic! it’s as if these guys are operating from a single brain. Wish they could hang around here for, oh, a couple of years or so, maybe develop a new piece in Boston, right? Had the opportunity to talk with a bunch of them after the performance Thursday night: great guys. Found out they’re going to be performing their music at The Sinclair Tuesday evening. (Performance kind of reminded me a little bit of last season’s “Kiss and Cry”: maybe a different kind of fable, with everything absolutely visible, and with ready-mades at the…well..ready.)

  5. Chrstina Harrington says:

    This is not only officially now one of my favorite shows, but truly on of the best shows I’ve ever seen! the design combined with the performances was brilliant. The story was heartwarming and delightful and everyone in the theatre left with a smile and a feeling of warmth despite the freezing temperatures outside!

  6. Robert Gordon says:

    Was not impressed with this production. Lifeless and without spark or imagination. Worst production I’ve seen so far at ArtsEmerson.

  7. Christine M. says:

    Loved the show. So impressed with the talent & versatility of the actors. Loved the set design & perfect execution

  8. I was so affected by the story, the importance of memory, and by how the telling curls around to the crucial memory after so many hijinks. The staging was terrific, not to mention the exuberance of the players. As a former puppeteer, I was interested and delighted to see the puppeteers’ faces and hands as part of the shadow pieces – freeing and effective. It was a lovely and enchanting piece and I thank you for it.

  9. Barbara says:

    So creative! Wonderfully talented. I loved all of the great recycled items they used for props (mop and milk carton for dog). I was hoping they would sing for their encore! Their voices are amazing.

  10. Brenda U. says:

    Got a tip on this show from a colleague and so glad we did. I took my 7-year-old son, and we were both equally enchanted. The imaginative use of simple props dovetails exactly with the kind of make-believe my son does with sheets and pillows all the time, but the story and acting worked at an adult level as well. The music was real and appealing and mixed well with the show. So nice when a show is not “for kids” but actualy “family friendly” — i.e., truly enjoyable for everyone in the family.

  11. Chris Lowey says:

    We came with a group of 8 and were all blown away by the show. We have seen Pig pen the Band before and one of our party had seen this show in Boston about 5 years ago. She commented that the show was now cleaner and more concise but still just as much fun and a great adventure.
    The joy which you bring to all of your performances is rare and contagious. Keep it coming guys!!

  12. AC says:

    Wandered into this performance by accident, and stayed because it was unpredictable, inventive, and charming. What extraordinary talent this group has!

  13. Kate S. says:

    Fantastic. The quirky jokes and story telling was exactly my style, I was enthralled from beginning to end. The staging was incredibly tight, everything had to hit perfectly to work, and they never let the audience down. The book fit the atmosphere perfectly. The production is creative, heartfelt and a whole bunch of fun for actors and audience alike.

  14. Sarah says:

    One of the best shows I’ve ever seen performed. The guys are incredibly talented, high energy, and funny. Highly recommended!

  15. Rose Lawrence says:

    I really enjoyed the performance.I thought Cicely Tyson was amazing as the very old woman whose last wish was to return to her old rural home . The interaction between the old woman and her daughter-in was was brilliant and really captured the sense of tension between them. The scenery was breathtaking.

  16. Peg Metzger says:

    Wonderfully creative. Terrific music and puppetry. Great set,

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