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September 26, 2023 | Uncategorized,

ArtsEmerson and Hispanic Heritage Month

ArtsEmerson has a long history celebrating the Hispanic community with various shows across the years. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, here is a list of shows by Hispanic artists, including the upcoming The Real James Bond… Was Dominican.


In 2013, ArtsEmerson welcomed Chilean writer-director Guillermo Calderon and the cast of Neva, as they explored the relationship between theater and historical context. The story creates a feeling of shock when politics and poetry work hand-in-hand.


Cuban-American Playwright Melinda Lopez presented the world premiere of a humorous and brutally honest story of what it means to put our loved ones first and what it means when we try to be good but don’t succeed. 

Melinda Lopez performing in Mala with her hands in a prayer position held up to her lips.

Daughter of a Cuban Revolutionary

In 2016, versatile performer Marissa Chibas presented a tale of important figures in her life, namely her father (Raul Chibas, who co-wrote the manifesto for the Cuban Revolution with Fidel Castro), her uncle (Eddy Chibas, who was the frontrunner for the Cuban presidency in 1951) and her mother (Delia Chibas, Miss Cuba runner-up in 1959). 


The Latino Theater Company brough the show to Boston in 2016, telling a story of two housewives from different sides of the tracks, but both would go to great lengths to get the attention of their husbands. The play was a comedic convolution of marriage, murder, and mystery.

Historia de Amor

The live cinematic experience of the show in 2016 took the audeince on a journey into the mind of a man determined to possess a young woman who he meets on a subway. The show combined 2D and 3D action to address issues surrounding sexual predation and societal fragmentation. Put together by Chile’s renowned TEATROCINEMA, in Historia de Amor, one man’s twisted love story is one woman’s nightmare.

The Real James Bond…Was Dominican

From November 8-12, 2023, Christopher Rivas will take audiences on a journey of how his discovery that the real James Bond was based on a Dominican diplomat, Porfirio Rubirosa, set him on a quest to find his true self. The Boston premiere takes deeper into the world of James Bond, its inspiration, and what it means to be a Hollywood actor. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit our website

Christopher Rivas hands in air

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